AudialsOne - Get music, videos, films and podcasts free of charge and in the right file format

AudialsOne is complete Radio & Video Web Recorder. It gives you best option to get and edit media. Let me also give you few details about the product. It is the only software that can record from every radio station on the planet and then convert those files into every format for every playback device. It is an universal converter which is able to handle over 100 audio and video file formats, with or without DRM copy protection. It also lets your record movies and videos online from free movie sites, web portals and online movie stores in HD and lets you save them in the file format you need. It is the modern solution to legally get all the free music from social radio stations to your hard drive. It is also an universal web recorder, because every video and film from websites you’ve visited are recorded automatically and converted into every desired file format. AudialsOne has received almost 600 awards for excellence handed out by leading computer publications since 2004

Handy Backup - Automatic Data Backup, Recovery and Synchronization

Hardware and software errors, viruses and malware, simple human mistakes – these are just a few reasons why it is important to care about data loss prevention and protect the associated operational processes. While insuring hardware assets seems to be manageable by most people, the question of insuring the most valuable asset, information and information’s integrity is of the same, if not higher, importance?

Handy Backup by Novosoft (downloaded at is award-winning automatic data backup and disaster recovery software. It is very flexible and can perfectly meet any individual requirements:

  • Handy Backup has a comprehensible task-based architecture with three types of tasks available: backup, restore and synchronization.
  • In addition to “common” file and folder backup, there is a number of presets that facilitate backups of critical data, such as My Documents, Microsoft Outlook, Windows registry, etc.
  • Such inevitable for up-to-date backup software features as backup scheduling, backup data compression and encryption are fully supported by Handy Backup.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, Anti-Virus 2010, Mobile Security 8.0 trial direct download link

Today my Kaspersky Internet security 2009 license has expired. So, I have to renew the license or buy any other security software. I visited kaspersky website and found Kaspersky Internet security 2010 is released and they are offering 30 days trail version. So, I decided to use KIS 2010 trail for 30 days and than I will buy one year license.

How to Select the default Display in Windows 7

If you have more than one display unit connected to your computer than in this tutorial we will learn how to select your default display device in windows 7.
  1. Right click anywhere on empty desktop and select "Screen Resolution"
  2. The new windows will show you all display decices attached with your computer. If you can't see you decice click "Detect" button.
  3. The Device image with start menu is your current default display device.
  4. Select the device which you want set as default, and check box "Make this my main display". Click "Apply" than "Ok"

Screen Resolution settings in Windows 7

First let me explain, what is screen Resolution. It is actually setting which determines how much information is to be displayed on the display screen. At lower screen resolutions, such as 800 X 600, fewer items will fit on the screen, but they will be larger in size. where as at higher resolutions, such as 1400 x 900, more items will fit on the screen but they will be smaller. You can set resolution as your like and display screen size. in windows.

Here is how we can do Screen Resolution settings
  1. Right click anywhere on empty desktop and select "Screen Resolution"
  2. The new windows will give you the option to select a resolution from drop down scale.

  3. Select a resolution and click "Apply" -> "OK"

Simple method to restore quick launch shortcuts

If you have messed your quick launch shortcuts in windows, here is 2 min trick to restore it.

start -> run-> Type below command -> click OK
regsvr32 /n /i:U shell32.dll