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Issue with Windows 7 Local servers access

Hi Everyone Please assist as much as u can as i was totally ,meshed up and got down due to this issue. Iam facing some issue with Windows 7 Network configuration. The problem is iam having a firewall and AD server with some clients . The AD 2003 server also used to resolve (As DNS Server ). I have some client machines with in which WINDOWS 7 RC build 7100 is installed and everything was going fine before three days .One day unexpectedly my network was restarted due to power loss in office building and then after all the machines in which Windows 7 was installed cant able access server throguh NetBIOS .(Like \\server\Data) through start --run. But ping ,net view,internet and other name resoultions ,ftp and http are working fine and one more thing over here is to notice that only my AD/Server (Data storage ) in not accessible through \\servername \. All the other systems can access each other and other servers of 2003 acting as Webs servers , update servers,ftp servers and other things are accessible . This issue is only with WINDOWS 7 machines only and other XP and Vista machines are able to accessible .. Even i tried with some settings with group policy , other forums and suggestions form experts,re installing the OS ,Installing ultimate version ,accessing with IP address but i was not suceeded. Any help is greatly appreciated. Note : Everything was running fine from last 2 months but the issue from last few days. Tried by updating all the clients of Windows 7 upto date .internet and everything is running fine.

This is great - the one thing

This is great - the one thing missing from most online education is the element of being able to ask questions and have them answered within a reasonable time frame. Plenty of places give you email support, but live chat is so much more valuable - you can get an answer with your problem right in front of you. I guess it takes a company the size of Microsoft to be able to offer it, though. It is much cheaper than getting IT consultants out to figure out what is going on - Microsoft can usually give you pointers on hardware as well as software, at least for the purposes of diagnosing whether it's their problem or not :-)

internet explore

my internet explorer doesnt work. my internet says im online but when i open internet explorer it just loads forever and then stops loading and stays im not connected. what do i do??

powering issues

powering issues



2003 server

how to block usb mass strorage using active directory group policy

2003 serverq

how to block usb mass strorage using active directory group policy


my computer doesnt want to update

IE7 Issue

When i start Internet Explorer 7, it opens and then closes immediately

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