Handy Backup - Automatic Data Backup, Recovery and Synchronization

Hardware and software errors, viruses and malware, simple human mistakes – these are just a few reasons why it is important to care about data loss prevention and protect the associated operational processes. While insuring hardware assets seems to be manageable by most people, the question of insuring the most valuable asset, information and information’s integrity is of the same, if not higher, importance?

Handy Backup by Novosoft (downloaded at www.handybackup.net) is award-winning automatic data backup and disaster recovery software. It is very flexible and can perfectly meet any individual requirements:

  • Handy Backup has a comprehensible task-based architecture with three types of tasks available: backup, restore and synchronization.
  • In addition to “common” file and folder backup, there is a number of presets that facilitate backups of critical data, such as My Documents, Microsoft Outlook, Windows registry, etc.
  • Such inevitable for up-to-date backup software features as backup scheduling, backup data compression and encryption are fully supported by Handy Backup.

Unlike most other backup software out there, Handy Backup doesn’t treat your data like faceless chunks of memory. It features a complete, extensible plug-in-based system and a variety of plug-ins designed to back up settings, playlists, tweaks and preferences of your favorite applications that you’ve tweaked to perfection. Users of the utility can also create new plug-ins of their own, which is relatively easy and requires only some basic XML knowledge.

IT-experts can take advantage of extended feature set including disk image backup and database backup. Database backup-related functions are what makes Handy Backup so powerful and unique. There are several advanced plug-ins that can handle backup and restore of most popular DBMS including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database, IBM DB2 Data Server, Lotus Domino/Notes environment, and a common Database Backup plug-in that can be used for any ODBC-compatible databases. Also, there is a professional plug-in for backing up Microsoft Exchange Server stores.

Handy Backup Server is a centralized automatic data backup solution for corporate local networks. It enables administrator to install workstation agents on networked workstations and manage the entire network’s backup from a single control point.

Handy Backup is one of the most stable, effective and easy-to-use applications for automatic data backup, recovery and synchronization. Enthusiasts translated Handy Backup for more than 20 languages. With this program, Novosoft LLC has partnered with such companies as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.

You can download a full-featured 30-days trial by clicking the following link: Download Handy Backup.

Free Handy Backup Professional License for TechHunt Readers
Hello reader,
I am giving away two license of Handy Backup Professional edition worth $99 FREE to my reader. All you have to do is post in comment box "why you need it".


Hey Ravi, your sidebar is overlapping the image. Reduce the image size. Its too big.

Handybackup and restore pc

Handybackup pro is the easiest way to multiple backing pc data over the internet and over pc, so that recovery from lost damaged pc can be easier and all the available options in this soft is aimed to pc recovery.strong file encryption and multi-choice zip compression on the fly. All backup activities are recorded in a detailed log file.

I need Handy Backup Professional to keep my data safe

The reason why I need Handy Backup Professional is because I would like to protect my data and information stored on my computer by making HDD image backups. This particular feature of the Handy Backup Professional edition will not only protect my personal files, but will also save time on reinstalling operating system, drivers and applications. And surely the program has a wealth of many more useful and important features to take opportunity of.

Ok here I am asking for

Ok here I am asking for it..................I just wanna give a try to it.......... Mad Geek ritesh.techie@in.com

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