AudialsOne - Get music, videos, films and podcasts free of charge and in the right file format

AudialsOne is complete Radio & Video Web Recorder. It gives you best option to get and edit media. Let me also give you few details about the product. It is the only software that can record from every radio station on the planet and then convert those files into every format for every playback device. It is an universal converter which is able to handle over 100 audio and video file formats, with or without DRM copy protection. It also lets your record movies and videos online from free movie sites, web portals and online movie stores in HD and lets you save them in the file format you need. It is the modern solution to legally get all the free music from social radio stations to your hard drive. It is also an universal web recorder, because every video and film from websites you’ve visited are recorded automatically and converted into every desired file format. AudialsOne has received almost 600 awards for excellence handed out by leading computer publications since 2004 UPDATE: I have 3 license keys of Audials One. I will give all three keys for FREE to TechHunt readers. All you need to do is post comment "why you need this". In addition I also have discount coupon of 20%. If you miss the free keys you can get 20% discount. Coupon code for 20% discount is AudialsOne4 Also, I would like to thank Audials One for providing FREE keys and discount coupons for TechHunt readers.

never try this software

never try this software before, but seem like this software have a lot attracting features. i like the music search engine most. i am wondering if i can get the song other than English.. hope that i can try..!!

I need this :)

I'm a hobby dj and i love music but it is quite expensive to get a lot of music in a legal way. So i searched the Internet for good software but i didn't find anything good, well until now ^^. I really hope i could get one of these licenses greets Marc

I would like this because....

I listen to a lot of Internet radio stations and I would like to record some of these to have on a CD for my car and elsewhere. Thanks!

why you need this

I need it as i am a complete music freak and love to listen and record radio online

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